What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a great earning opportunity that can be conducted through the avenues of the Internet.  It involves an affiliate program, where a merchant seeks the help of people to help sell his/her products.


The people who will help the merchant sell are called affiliates.


For every sale that the affiliate manages to refer, he/she will earn a stated commission.


The more sales the affiliate manages to refer, the more profit he/she will gain.


Do take a look at the illustration below to see affiliate marketing in action.



Are Affiliates Tasked To Sell The Merchant’s Products?

Actually, “selling” is not the correct term for the affiliate’s job.  The affiliate is tasked to “pre-sell.”  Pre-selling is very much different from actual selling.


Actual selling requires you to garner leads, convert them into sales, process payments, deliver orders, entertain refund requests, provide post-sales support and technical services, and the like.  As an affiliate, you are not bound to these responsibilities.


Pre-selling only demands that you refer people to the affiliate merchant’s sales page.  The affiliate merchant would then take care of the rest.



So, What Is Pre-Selling In A Nutshell?


If we are to define pre-selling, we can say that it is the process of conditioning your prospects’ minds to buy something and leading them to the mechanism that will convince them to make a purchase.


From the definition above, you’d know that an affiliate’s task is NOT to convince the prospects to buy.  No, no, no.  The affiliate’s job is merely to lead people to the affiliate merchant’s sales page.  Better yet, the affiliate can also condition the prospects’ minds to make a purchase so that the sales page will have an easier time converting them into sales.


I’m going to break down pre-selling into three important components:


  1. Finding prospects;
  2. Gaining prospects; and
  3. Conditioning prospects


All the secrets of affiliate marketing success will revolve around those three components, so I pray that you memorize them, dear friend.


Again, for emphasis…


Your job as an affiliate is to PRE-SELL the affiliate merchant’s products.  If you’re able to master the components of pre-selling, then I am fully confident that you will make it big in this field.