Link Claw Elite

Link Claw Elite

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Being a link builder can be a DOOMED profession when you don’t have the right tools. These tools make the difference between your site being in the top ten of Google, or dead in the water.

You see, the majority of backlinks that most people build never get indexed, many are nofollow, but they are clueless.

LinkClaw has changed it all. Watch the video on this page:
Link Claw Elite

Quite simply it will deliver higher rankings, skyrocket backlink indexing, boost the juice of your backlinks, and ensure your backlinks are valid by continually monitoring them.

===BOOM! AutoPilot!===

This is very powerful indeed…

– Get your backlinks indexed using RSS [This is HUGE!]
– Know if a link campaign is giving you LIVE links
– See if a link campaign is giving you nofollow or followed links
– Find out if a reciprocal link partner cheats you and removes or nofollows your link
– See if your backlinks stay active over time
– Find out if moderators remove your links
– Ensure links that you buy are active and dofollow.
– Automatically produce an industry leading Auto-RSS feed for your backlinks.

Best of all it is dead simple. Check out the sleek interface here:

===50% OFF (for now)===

This is LinkClaw’s public debut, and Chris Munch, the man behind this software is offering 50% off to kick-start the launch.

I have seen similar software available for $89/mo – that’s over $1000 per year! Compare that to LinkClaw which is only a smaller one-off cost.

Honestly this is an incredible deal, so get it before they close the doors…
Link Claw

Larry McCann


LINKCLAW is 100% Unique…

  • IN ONE SENTENCE LinkClaw allows users to monitor their backlink campaigns, and creates a special RSS Feed for their valid backlinks which can be syndicated to over 20 high profile authority sites, on AUTO PILOT!
  • It is 100% working and is FULLY TESTED! We already have 71 active users with 403,790 backlinks in the system. These came from our underground beta test launch.
  • Our talented and 100% dedicated U.S developer (Ken) is on hand to perfect and improve the software.
  • It is platform indpendant software. It is a web app (so works from your browser). You don’t have to worry about the ‘this doesn’t work on my site’ complaints from buyers.
  • SPECIAL RSS FEED: The syndication part is where competitors fail. Their RSS Feed does not create valid backlinks to backlinks and tries to post 1000s of links in one go.LinkClaw creates a specially tailered RSS Feed designed to be syndicated automatically to over 20 high profile social sites. This RSS Feed drips out your links to ensure as many of your backlinks get posted as possible.
  • We show our users exactly how to set this up. Once done it is automatic backlinks to your valid backlinks forever!
  • Our software also monitors if their original backlinks are valid, active, or if they are nofollow. A user friendly graph shows the results over time so they can measure if links stay up, or drop off over time.
  • Our backlink monitoring is a FLAT FEE. All competitors charge a monthly fee. This is an awesome bargain!
  • It covers the most popular topic on the WF – TRAFFIC & BACKLINKS! Everyone on WF wants more traffic, and this provides it!
  • Watch the video to see it in action…

Mega WordPress Bonus if offered as well

All the Best