Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of fluff going around with the recent changes Facebook has made with their Timeline features. Every “guru” out there is trying to get you to believe that it’s the end of the world and that if you don’t buy their Timeline product that you’ll die alone in a gutter and nobody will even know you’re gone. You know why they’re saying all this? Because they want to sell you crappy Facebook Timeline products that are just full of rehashed information that you could have found for free if you used Google to find a blog post on the topic.


Benjamin Jacques created a Timeline product that is different than the rest and actually NOTHING in his product can be found for free out there because he’s actually giving you the graphics packs he uses himself to market his businesses over Facebook and look better than the competition every single time. His product is called Timeline Domination 2.0.

Timeline Domination 2.0

This product focuses on the cover photo of Timeline, as it should since that is now the first big area that anyone sees when they hit your personal profile or fan page when they find you on Facebook. We have a huge piece of graphic real-estate in front of our customers to advertise our products and services, yet you’ll find that most people just use them to put up pictures of them and their friends drinking or pictures of their cats.

It’s funny that will one billion people flooding Facebook this year, marketers aren’t doing more to stand out. Benjamin shows you just how easy it really is to completely stand out from the competition by custom designing your own cover photo for Timeline using pre-constructed graphics templates that he designed himself. These templates literally give you options to make 11,000 different cover photos for yourself and that alone ensures that you’ll never have to worry about looking like your competition. You’ll find that the product goes way beyond that, but that’s the base of it and I’d highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of it.

For just $10 Benjamin gives you all of his personal templates for 11,000 cover photo combinations, some bonus videos (it’s a secret), a report on how you can edit the cover photos in Photoshop or a free graphics program called Gimp, and tutorial videos that go over everything in case you like to watch your directions instead of reading them. On top of that, there’s a robust members area with lots of other content that you’ll just have to check out yourself. I’ve linked to it below so be sure to take a look and let me know how you like it once you’re inside. Looking forward to seeing what kinds of cover photos you create too!

Timeline Domination 2.0