Amazon Kindle Provides Additional Revenue Stream

As a successful Internet marketer, you already know the value and importance of quality content. Your job and very essence of your business is to share that value with your customers, potential customers and all of your website visitors. So why not benefit from an additional revenue stream?


Whether you are new to creating content or have archives of content you’ve been creating for years, there is another way to benefit from it…


You can sell your content on Amazon!


Amazon is a great place to sell your content, including eBooks, e-zines and other valuable content-driven resources. Now that the Kindle (a wireless reading device) has been around for a couple of years, and most recently is rapidly growing in popularity, selling eBooks is easier and more lucrative than ever. In fact, according to Amazon in July 2010, they are now selling more eBooks than hard covers. That is certainly a fact to take notice of. Especially as a content creator and eBook author.


Because Amazon sells the Kindle exclusively, they also provide the Amazon Kindle Publishing Program. This program provides authors and users all of the tools necessary to create and sell your content electronically.


The first step is to create an account with Amazon. If you have one already, then you are off to a great start! You then have to prepare your content for publication on the Kindle. By using Amazon’s Digital Text Platform (DTP), a self-publishing tool, you can upload your eBook or other content as well as enter pricing. You are then able to publish your work quickly and easily. It really is that simple! You can upload your content to the DTP in Microsoft Word, PDF, Text, RTF, HTML, XHTML, or MobiPocket formats. Once it is formatted, the fun begins!


While there are additional requirements and guidelines for uploading and publishing your content, the process of self-publishing and selling your content on Amazon is really quite easy and cost-effective. There is obviously little to no overhead involved (creating an Amazon account is free!), and with the increasing popularity of the Kindle device, your eBooks now have a greater chance than ever to be seen, to be sold and to be read! And what better way to reap the benefits of an additional revenue stream than join the Kindle community in order to sell your content?


Amazon, in all of it’s eBook publishing and eBook selling glory, can be an incredible addition to your business and sales process. Not only can you sell your eBooks and other content through your own website, but you now have the opportunity to sell your eBooks in an entirely new and exciting way. So, why not take advantage of it?


Selling eBooks and quality content is more exciting and prevalent than ever before, so you will need to be sure to stand out from the crowd. But if you can establish a strong presence with informative and quality eBooks now, you will continue to grow as an author and business owner moving forward.




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