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What is 2GSM.Biz?

2GainSalesMatters is a Centralization Service along with being a Learning Membership. The kind of which you have probably not seen online. Since this site will be providing an unparalleled services to business owners and startups along with an outstanding education for working with an online avenue of your business, you will be required to subscribe to our membership on a monthly basis. We have developed five (only three levels still have openings at this time) different levels of membership to make sure that you have a good selection. This page will only show you three, and you will always be able to upgrade once you have determined what level of education you want and what your experience level is.

What is a Centralization Service?

The services we offer will allow you to manage and operate your entire online business ventures from one central location. You can create, sell, promote and track statistics of your products and programs. Followup with your customers automatically or as needed through our on site message center. Provide training and incentives for sales and promotions through our Private Social Network. Access your own support tickets maintained by our helpdesk. Allow access to specific areas of your control panel to your own technical support team if needed and even run your own Joint Venture Event (Diamond Members only). There is many more benefits that are available to you once you gain access, but we do not want to overwhelm you with everything at once.

What does each Membership Level include?

Each level listed below will gain access to ‘Learning Modules’ that you will have access to on a variety of Marketing methods and instructions for using the tools inside 2GSM.biz. Each member will have their own Advertising Campaign manager with tracking tools. The ability to create your own products and shopping carts, Sales and Promotional templates, Promotional materials management, Customer Management System, their own Networked Blog (for SEO purposes), Unique content for their blog, a complete Content Management and Delivery system and more.

Gold – For Those who have begun their journey

Our Gold membership level provides you access to everything above but also includes your own Networked Blog in your choice of our selection of Main Networks. You will also receive access to advanced features of our Customer and Affiliate Management System where you will be able to include your own products to be promoted on all the network blogs of other members. You will need to provide the same generous commission structure as we use for each level (We will handle the setup and propagation of your product ads throughout the blog network that is related to your chosen Niche). You will also gain access to the additional member’s services provided in the list below. To register for GOLD Click Here.

Platinum – For the Professional that needs centralization

Our Platinum Membership contains even more access and perks for the true professional. You still receive all the  services for the Gold membership, along with some advanced features such as the ability to manage your own membership site remotely from 2GSM. Track your sales, advertising campaigns, affiliates, provide incentives and tools for them and even access our Unique Content for posting to any site you wish. Plus the Networked Blog (for SEO) with content posted automatically for you every week (complete with embedded affiliate links of your choice of programs. Do YOU have the level of professionalism to take your business to this level? If so, then register for our Platinum Level Here.

Our Diamond Level Membership

This membership level has everything you need to manage your entire business. In addition to the perks listed above for Gold and Platinum levels, you will also receive the following. Blog posts are made for you each week (Unique content based on your chosen topic or niche). The ability to create your own ‘Tribe’, learning modules and followup series, content packages and Testimonial pages. Unlimited remote memberships, ‘Branded’ content memberships (We create them and you are able to ‘Brand’ them with your information just like the Sales pages in the Gold level.) So what are you waiting for? Register for your DIAMOND membership here!

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